Rebuilt - Unreal Test

I tried to re-create an older image of mine using Unreal.

I have been playing with the idea of using Unreal for some upcoming projects. I decided to try using some new tech, Nvidias VXGI , and tried to get a similar result as my pre-rendered scene in V-ray.

Overall I feel it was a success. I learned a lot, and have pretty high confidence I could use Unreal for some of my upcoming projects.

The V-ray render was rendered in passes and painted on a LOT in Photoshop. The Unreal versions are all real-time, no paint or compositing. (In the future I would likely paint and compositing the Unreal versions for my need, but for this test I wanted to try and recreate it as close as possible)

For more info on the original , I wrote a blog post about its creation:

Devon fay statue 001 unreal vray

Unreal Vs V-ray Test

note: I don't really care about have "game ready performance" with the FPS. I am looking to push the quality as far as I can.

Real-time video from Unreal.
This is something I would never do in Vray , just because of the time needed, but its basically free when using Unreal.

Devon fay unreal in game

Simple set-up