VALORANT // Ascent

I am still so damn impressed with the quality, skill, and collaboration the VALORANT maps team shows on a daily basis. Everything you see here is not about me, its 100% a celebration of their hard work and commitment to the game.  
VALORANT is the first game I took an official "Lead" title on for the entire project. I spent over 4 years working with some of the most talented game developers and artists I have ever worked with to build a team, create and art style and create a game. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience.
As a lead ,  I both feel like I have nothing that I can show as my own, but also feel like I have touched almost every pixel across the environments. It's an interesting place to be. 
Regardless, I wanted to take the time to show off all the amazing work my team has created. 
Theo Aretos
Nate Rogers
Brandon Martynowicz
Lydia Zanotti
Anessa Silzer
Brian Yam
Eric Durante
George Sokol